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Top 4 Best Budget Electric Shaver 2021

Top 4 Best Budget Electric Shaver 2021

Best budget electric shaver 2021. Are you looking for the best electric shavers in 2021 in your budget? In today’s review, we break down the top 4 best budget electric shavers that are available on the market. We tried to make the list based on their quality, popularity, price, user opinions.

Here are the top 4 best budget electric shavers:

  1. Braun series 9
  2. Panasonic Arc 5
  3. Braun series 7
  4. Andis Profoil Lithium Plus

Top 4 Best Budget Electric Shaver 2021

Number 04. Andis Profoil Lithium Plus || Best Budget Electric Shaver

best budget electric shaver 2021
best budget electric shaver 2021

(Details About This Shaver):

Andis Profoil lithium plus best portable shaver. The andis profile lithium plus titanium foil shaver is an upgrade to the hugely successful andis profile lithium titanium foil shaver. 

 It’s actually an excellent foil shaver that can be used to shave your neck face and head. For the professionals among you this is also described as a finisher that is for finishing fades and tidying up fine neck hairs around the back of the neck etc.

The profile lithium titanium foil shaver from andis has long been a favorite among barbers for its ability to cut the hair at skin level while primarily intended for finishing fades, and removing occasional stubble.

The profoil can actually be a good option for home users as well. Because it’s essentially a foil electric razor. It can be used to shave facial hair but also works well as a head shaver.

The profile has a very simple shaving system comprised of two micro foils arranged in a staggered fashion. They do move independently but it takes a lot of force, and you’ll never press that hard when using the shaver.

The andis pro foil plus is fitted with a 9 000 strokes per minute rotary motor. So, it’s adequately fast. Compared to other foil shavers from brawn, or panasonic the ones on the andis profile are thinner which should help achieve a closer shave. It really is one of the best portable shavers in the market without a doubt.


Number 03. Braun Series 7 || Best Budget Electric Shaver

best budget electric shaver 2021
best budget electric shaver 2021

(Details About This Shaver):

 Brawn series 7 best mid-range option. The series 7 line of electric razors from braun is ubiquitous in the electric shaving community. No other shaver in recent years has managed to get close to it in terms of popularity and user base.

Having access to png’s huge marketing budget definitely help with the series 7 becoming a bestseller in its category. But the shaver must have done some things right on its own as well.

Compared to the shavers from the previous generation the 7865cc comes with a new color and new cleaning station, and a few other novelties that we’ll inspect closely later on. The 7865cc has three individual cutting elements, two finishing foils, and one middle trimmer.

This is a familiar setup used by braun and almost all their shavers except for the series nine that features four blades. Since it’s part of the refreshed series 7. The 7865cc comes with five personalization settings.

So, you can alter the speed of the motor from sensitive to turbo mode. In theory this allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of the shaver depending on the area that’s being shaved.

For example you could use the lower speed setting sensitive when shaving irritation prone areas like your neck. The head assembly of the 7865cc can pivot on one axis, and the three shaving elements can be depressed individually.

Overall it’s remarkably comfortable gentle, and forgiving making it ideal for men with sensitive irritation prone skin.


Number 02. Panasonic Arc 5 || Best Budget Electric Shaver

best budget electric shaver 2021
best budget electric shaver 2021

(Details About This Shaver):

The Panasonic arc 5. Choosing a suitable shaver can be difficult with all the different products variations, and conflicting information regarding which one would be a better fit for you.

The panasonic art five is an award-winning foil razor with a five blade shaving system, and angled blades. It’s worth mentioning that the arc five is currently the only line of foil shavers that has five individual cutting elements.

Arc five’s five ultra thin ultra sharp blades are honed to a 30 degree edge to cut hair cleanly at the base which brings up the fact that the varied foil patterns capture, and cut various types of hair for clean efficient shaving.

For your information you can instantly engage the precision pop-up shaving trimmer to quickly and easily detail sideburns and mustache, or trim down long stubble before you shave.

As you shave the multiflex pivoting head flexes side to side and back and forth to follow the individual contours of your face, neck, and jaw for the ultimate in close personalized comfort.

The panasonic arc 5 has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can only be operated cordless which will last around 45 minutes of shaving time from a fully charged battery and that’s actually pretty accurate.

Overall the arc 5 is a high-end electric shaver which covers any kind of feature and can be used in a variety of ways for different purposes. Considering this we highly recommend you consider this product because you won’t regret your decision.


Number 01. Braun Series 9 || Best Budget Electric Shaver

best budget electric shaver 2021
best budget electric shaver 2021

(Details About This Shaver):

The Brawn Series 9 best high-end shaver. Braun launched the series 9 back in 2015 to take over the popular but aging series 7 line of electric shavers with more power, more cutting elements, and a new design.

The series 9 is braun’s most advanced and most expensive electric shaver yet. Part of this updated generation the braun series 9 92 90 cc comes in a matte silver finish and includes an automatic clean and charge or cc station.

One thing that caught my attention was braun’s attempt at marketing the series nine as a shaver with five cutting elements. In braun’s view the fifth is the so-called skin guard. Piece and metal located right next to the direct and cut trimmer that supposedly smoothens the skin.

With the series 9 braun ditched the personalization modes of the series 7 that allowed the user to manually alter the power output of the shaver depending on the area being shaved. The bronze series 992cc shaver has an innovative motor with an integrated autosense technology.

This along with a braun patented syncro sonic technology quickly reads and adapts to the density of the beard and provides the right amount of power. The braun series 9 92 90 cc gets fully charged in an hour. Once fully charged this lithium-ion battery lasts for 50 shaving hours.

If you’ve already used braun electric shavers before then this is the best that they have to offer and also one of the best in the market. 

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